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Introduction to Chinese Journal of Automotive Engineering

  Chinese Journal of Automotive Engineering is an academic journal of automotive engineering, which is supervised and sponsored by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. It started publication in 2011 with the International Standard Serial Number of ISSN 2095-1469, CN Serial Numbering of CN 50-1206/U, and postal distribution code of 78-101. It mainly publishes innovative academic papers on engineering, application, and research of the automobile industry and academic papers related to the basic theory of the automobile field. The readers mainly include engineering and technical personnel, scientific research personnel, teachers and students of colleges and universities, and senior managers of related enterprises in automobile and related industries.

Objective: to publish the theory and experimental research results of automobile engineering technologies, reflect the new materials, new technologies and new trends in the field of automobile design and manufacturing, and promote the development of automobile engineering research and the automobile industry. 

Key columns:
◆Intelligent Vehicles  ◆Wind Tunnel Test  ◆New Energy Vehicles  ◆Energy Conservation and Emission  ◆Safety and Collision
◆Vibration and Noise  ◆Body Shape Design  ◆Automotive Electronics  ◆Design and Calculation  ◆Materials and Devices

Chinese Journal of Automotive Engineering is included in the following retrieval systems and databases:

The Key Magazine of China technology (a scientific and technological periodical for statistics) (CSTPCD), China Core Journal Alternative Database, Wanfang Data Resource System Digital Periodical Database, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), CAJ-CD,
China Academic Journals Full-text Database, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, China Science and Technology Journal Database, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts of the United States, and Abstract Journal of Russia.

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